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Million Voices Festival

“Million Voices Festival” is a truly unique event that won’t leave anybody indifferent. It is more than just a music festival in Israel, but a uniting and eye-opening experience of enjoying music of all genres – rock, pop, jazz, classical or Mizrahi – Eastern.

Open up your talent and see how others do that – everybody is welcome at our Festival. Nothing can be more pleasant or gratifying than showing what you are capable of. Soloists, choirs and bands have a special opportunity to open their hearts and show all their hard word to the public. If you are between 5 and 120 years old, you have an opportunity to take part in this glorious event and conquer audience’s hearts.

The goal of “Million Voices Festival”, located in Mazkeret Batya is to encourage professionalism among young musicians and perfectly combine it with gaining experience in public performances. And of course, enjoying yourself on stage in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere!

Whether you are going to watch or to perform – your contribution is highly valued. Don’t miss a chance to become a part of the performance that will leave lifelong memories!

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